cryptik - the cryptocurrency ticker

Cryptik started as a simple python application to get the current exchange price for bitcoins. It has since evolved into a full cryptocurrency ticker supporting many cryptocurrencies and many exchanges. Cryptik has also been donated to sourceforge and all source code, feature requests, issue tickets can be found on its project page

Cryptik was created as a python script to be ran from conky, displaying the resulting cryptocurrency price in conky; however, cryptik does not require conky or anything other than python (and a shell). Cryptik can be called directly from the shell or from another application UI.

Cryptik was designed to be minimal and flexible. Exchanges can easily be added through cryptik's configuration file and handlers (to handle the response of an exchange) can be added/modified without changing the core application.



$ cryptik --exchange BTCE:BTC   #uses defaults and gets current bitcoin price from btc-e
$ BTCE:BTC $464.5 @21:47

$ cryptik --exchange BTCE:LTC --response-data-format full   #shows full data response rather than the default 'standard' format
$ BTCE:BTC $464.5 @21:48
  low: $441.98  high: $471.0
  bid: $465.0  ask: $463.22
  vol: 4854162.47346
  req: 0:00:00.108341

$ cryptik --help
Usage: [options] arg

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -e EXCHANGE, --exchange=EXCHANGE
                        the exchange to query for a price (note: use --list-
                        exchanges to see a full list)
                        the response moniker (exchange label) format desired
                        (eg one of [standard|label|minimal|none])
                        the response data format desired (eg one of
  -v, --verbose         show additional runtime information
  --version             show script version and exit
  --list-exchanges      show all known exchanges
  -c CONFIGFILE, --config-file=CONFIGFILE
                        the configuration file location (defaults to current