Assigning Temporary IP Address for MythTV

I have had several instances where my MythTV server (backend and frontend on single server) has lost its network connection, at which time recordings continue; however, the frontend can no longer connect to the backend as the backend's IP address no longer exists (due to loosing its network connection).

I generally resolve the issue by restoring the server's network connection but recently ran into a circumstance where this was not possible as the server is not going to have network access for some time. Upon investigating how to resolve this I remembered the "ip addr" command that allows temporary (lost upon reboot) assinging of an IP address:

$ ip addr add dev eth0

To check/verify use the "show" option:

$ ip addr show

For more info on ip see its man page or check out the tecmint article.

Change the ip address and network interface (eth0) to match your needs.

Upon setting the above I can instantly start up my myth-frontend and connect to the backend!