Xombrero's Built-in GreaseMonkey-like Functionality

Xombrero comes with GreaseMonkey-like functionality. See the man page for details (search for "enable_js_autorun").

The following is a basic example of using Xombrero's javascript autorun feature to "enhance" the results of a startpage.com search.

startpage.com is a privacy based search engine - in basic terms - it tries to remove tracking features and functionality that google adds/uses to track users. Startpage is a great seach engine, the only issue I have is they inject their google Ads before your search result. I'm also ok with this but I do have a problem when I cannot easily distinguish the ads from my search results.

To "fix" the above issue with startpage.com's results requires creating one file with one line of code and setting the enable_js_autorun config variable for your Xombrero instance.

  • Open your Xombrero instance's config file (or if you are using the default, open ~/.xombrero.conf) and add the following line to the end of the file:
    • enable_js_autorun = 1
  • Now create a js autorun file for startpage.com:
    • echo "document.getElementById('spon_links').style.border = '1px solid red';" > ~/.xombrero/js/startpage.com.js

That's all there is to it! Now if I reload the startpage.com page or run a new search I will get a thin, clean red border around all of the ads that startpage.com has added to my search results such as follows:

startpage.com enhanced example