HTC One Max WIFI Connection Issue

I recently attained a verizon version of the HTC One Max (note: the verizon version is gsm and unlocked so it works on t-mobile with a t-mobile sim).

The first thing on my list to get this phone ready for use was to put CM on the phone which lead me to the S-Off issue (its not exactly easy to S-Off the phone without Windows or a 32-bit linux distro - of which who has either???).

My next task was to install f-droid and get my needed apps on the phone. This lead me to my second issue, the phone would not connect to my WIFI network. I have a fairly standard WPA2 Mixed Mode Access Point with a TKIP+AES encryption algorithm with non-broadcast SSID. I have many android devices and laptops which connect to this AP with no issue. The HTC One Max seems to loop between Authenticating and Obtaining IP Address but will never fully connect and obtain an IP.

After reading several threads on this (androidcentral discussion and androidcentral WIFI troubleshooting guide) I decided to try different settings on my router and found a solution. If I use TKIP (rather than TKIP+AES for the encryption algorithm the HTC One Max connects instantly. I run DD-WRT on my router so adding a Virtual Interface that uses TKIP only (to avoid reconfiguring/dealing with issues on all of my other devices) was not an issue.

A Note

During troubleshooting of this issue I turned SSID broadcast on for my new Virtual Interface and connected the HTC One Max to this SSID. As a part of cleanup, I turned SSID broadcast off and quickly found it would not connect to the SSID again. To remedy this, I removed the Network on the phone and added it again with SSID broadcast turned off on the router (seems it does not handle AP changes well).