Standard Conky Setup

I typically setup and use conky on most of my linux computers. This article show's my typical conky setup along with the items / addons used to achieve the setup. I've also attached my .conkyrc file for reference or use but please note that you may want to adjust it (for example, the keymap list will be useless to you).

Items Needed

  • conky (get from your repo with "apt-get install conky")
  • bawgs - a basic weather grabber script (see attached which I created that uses wget to get weather data in xml format and xsltproc to transform the xml returned from the wget with the .bawgs_wunderground.xsl into data which conky displays


Setup is rather basic:

  1. Ensure Conky is installed
  2. Extract all files from bawgs.tar_.bz2, copy to your ~/bin directory, copy .bawgs_wunderground.xsl to your home directory (you can put them elsewhere but you will need to adjust paths in the script)
  3. Either; 1) edit your .conkyrc file to include a call to (e.g. you need the "${texeci  3600 ~/bin/}" line which executes the script to get new weather data every hour) or; 2) copy the attached .conkyrc file to your home directory

To Run

Running is simple as well, simply start conky (or restart if it is already running). If you've never used conky before, simply open a run dialog (alt + F2), type conky, and hit Run.

The Results

An attached screenshot of the end results (using my .conkyrc):
example conky screenshot

Example screenshot with conky running