Guide to Using Guarddog as a Firewall

UPDATE: guarddog is very outdated and requires pulling in too many dependencies, I recommend ipkungfu as a replacement.

I highly recommend using a local (or sometimes referred to as a 'soft-firewall') on any  personal computer, be it windows, mac, or linux. This guide provides a few basic concepts for using Guarddog as a local firewall.

Why Encrypt Your Home Directory?

I've had several people ask me why I go to the trouble of encrypting my Home directory (or SWAP/network drives, disks, etc.)? My first response is "Its really not difficult to why not?". After thinking about the question a bit more I decide a more well-rounded answer could be construed.

Installing Guarddog in Ubuntu 11.04

UPDATE: guarddog is very outdated and requires pulling in too many dependencies, I recommend ipkungfu as a replacement.

Fix Broken Bootloader (GRUB)

I have a triple boot setup (Xubuntu, LMDE, and crunchbang) on my primary work laptop and have ran into several occasions when an update (always LMDE) breaks GRUB. This article explains how to fix a broken GRUB on a system with several operating systems, all using separate partitions for root (/), boot, home, etc.

Why Facebook Is Bad

I'm sure most have read news stories or heard reports on facebook's privacy (and other) concerns. There are numerous postings from credible sources online about these issues (re: Why Facebook is Bad, Facebooks New Privacy Changes, Just How Bad is Facebook's App Privacy Problem?).

Fixing a Blown Power Supply on a SheevaPlug

Apparently sheevaplug's (especially those produced by globalscale) have a power supply issue (dead sheevaplug, fried sheevaplug, globalscale sucks, replacement sheevaplug power s

How To Edit a Multipage PDF Document

If you've ever needed to edit a PDF document containing one or more pages you've probably found it to be rather daunting unless you have some expensive software. I have found two solutions for editing PDFs with open source software; the first (flpsed) allows quick and easy simple edit functionality, while the second (GIMP) allows you to do most anything with a PDF.

dmenu - the lightweight, efficient app launcher

dmenu is a dynamic menu for X, originally designed for dwm. It manages large numbers of user-defined menu items efficiently. - Simply put, dmenu is an extremely lightweight, text based application launcher. If you are familiar with gnome-do, launchy or the standard run dialog (alt+f2), dmenu provides similar functionality with less of a footprint. For a screenshot of dmenu in action see here.

Scuttle - Enable 'Approve User' Component

I've wrote several articles about Scuttle (Description of Scuttle,Removing Spam Accounts, Howto Blacklist Spam Accounts), this article shows how to impliment a much needed (imho) Approve User component to Scuttle.

Laptop Running Hot - The Fix

My laptop has been running hot for the last few months which is not a good thing given it can damage the cpu, gpu, or motherboard but, I had a more annoying side effect, the fan was constantly running at high speed or kicking on/off all day long. I've known several people who have the HP nw8440 or slight derivatives of the 8440 and they have always had heat dissipation problems requiring the fan to always spin up. Mine lasted almost four years before the fan constantly ran so I figured it was time to dig into the issue.