Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment methods depend on the contract type and length.


Bitcoin is quick and easy peer to peer payment mechanism designed for secure transfer over the internet. More about bitcoin can be found at bitcoin's site.

We accept bitcoin payment for:

  • donations: we accept any donation (small or large) in bitcoin (contact us for donations in other forms)
  • small jobs: we accept bitcoin for nearly all small jobs (less than ~10btc)
  • other jobs: we may accept bitcoin for other/larger jobs, this is on a case-by-case basis (contact us with specific requests)

Our bitcoin address is as follows:

  • donations: 1Q2ES9AcQ1HHMD6b8tUEREpun65zojP7fH
  • small jobs: 17AKTCR1JExGdDq77nw1jaKGFCnMdcwWph