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Assigning Temporary IP Address for MythTV

I have had several instances where my MythTV server (backend and frontend on single server) has lost its network connection, at which time recordings continue; however, the frontend can no longer connect to the backend as the backend's IP address no longer exists (due to loosing its network connection).

Building Xombrero From Source

I recently came across xombrero in my search for a browser that is lighter than firefox yet still has the core security/safety features expected in a decent browser (namely solid javascript, plugin (java/flash), and cookie handling). 

Moving a Primary Partition to an Extended Partition

This article explains how to move a primary (root) partition to an extended partition. There are several ways this task can be performed; however, I chose to keep my system generally intact, introduce minimal changes, and use no external storage (other than a SD card for the LiveCD).

I had a disk layout as follows:

Linux Lightweight Browser Comparison

  • Performed: 2014-03-27


browser comparison: pageload, rss, and total memory

Raw Data

memprof - Memory Profiler

Code bash shell script
License GPL v3
Description script that performs various memory profiles to produce a memory footprint of an application of set of applictions

memprof is a script that will generate a memory profile of an application or set of applications.

Installing Suckless st (Simple Terminal) on Debian Sid

st is not available as a binary (in debian sid). My guess for the reason for this, is because you need to compile st to to make any configuration changes.

The README for compiling st mentions needing the Xlib header files as a prerequisite to build, this was not the case on debian (sid). To get a clean compile I needed the following packages:

Mount Truecrypt Container with cryptsetup

Truecrypt is a great multiplatform encryption tool; however, there have been numerous claims of it not being as secure as people think. There were so many claims that an IndieGoGo project was set up to fund a full (external) security audit of truecrypt (status: This, along with other concerns I have had with truecrypt caused me to look for an alternative, which lead me back to LUKS.

Linux RSS Reader Comparison

I was looking for a light RSS reader. Unlike many out there today, I was not looking for a Google Reader replacement. I wanted a stand-a-lone app that didn't take a lot of system resources to run and was not screen intrusive.

Configure/Reconfigure rkhunter for Daily/Weekly Run on Debian

On debian distributions, the default rkhunter install (apt-get install rkhunter) does not ask you for the 'automatically run rkhunter' options that you get with a source install of rkhunter. You can easily reconfigure rkhunter with dpkg-reconfigure to configure the built-in cron jobs as follows:

Reconfigure With dpkg-reconfigure

The standard rkhunter setup 'wizard' can be invoked with dpkg-reconfigure at any time.

Set Up WebDav for Owncloud

WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) allows "mounting" owncloud content as a local mountpoint. This can be nice if you prefer to access your owncloud data as needed rather than using the owncloud client to keep your local copy in sync with your owncloud server.

The following steps should get you up and going with webdav access to your owncloud server:
note: no changes should be needed to your owncloud server.