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cryptik - the cryptocurrency ticker

Cryptik started as a simple python application to get the current exchange price for bitcoins. It has since evolved into a full cryptocurrency ticker supporting many cryptocurrencies and many exchanges. Cryptik has also been donated to sourceforge and all source code, feature requests, issue tickets can be found on its project page

Introduction To Python

This is the first article in a series of articles about python.


Python is a dynamic language, which means that python is compiled (turned into code that your computer understands) at runtime rather than statically compiled. To put it simply, you write python code in a plain text file and then execute that file with python. There is no compiling code into runnable (binary) code.

Conky Python Mt.Gox Ticker

The Mt.Gox Ticker script grabs the current price, high, low, and volume of Bitcoin from the money ticker JSON API from Mt.Gox via a simple python helper script.