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Moving a Primary Partition to an Extended Partition

This article explains how to move a primary (root) partition to an extended partition. There are several ways this task can be performed; however, I chose to keep my system generally intact, introduce minimal changes, and use no external storage (other than a SD card for the LiveCD).

I had a disk layout as follows:

Set Up CUPS with HP-PSC-1315 Printer

I have a HP PSC 1315 (all in one) Printer which is rather old (6+ years) and not network based (only connects to a single PC via a USB cable). Naturally I want to network this printer so I use my SheevaPlug Network Server to act as a Printer Server as well (I use Samba and CUPS for this).

This article is not about making a Printer Server but rather connecting other PCs/laptops on my network to this Print Server. It is an easy task but there are a few key items to know/watch out for.

The tasks are as follows (all on the client):