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Removing and/or Cleaning Up Old Kernels

This post shows how to remove (clean up) old kernels. Old kernels (to me) are defined as kernels that are installed on your system but no longer needed/used.

You can use a package manager (such as synaptic) to remove old kernels, simply search for linux-image or linux-headers that are installed and remove them. Also of importance is to note that you should remove old kernels and headers together as one is not useful without the other in most circumstances.

Multiboot Disk Partition Layout

As stated on other pages (re: Fix Broken Bootloader), my primary computer (laptop) has a multiboot setup; a triple boot using Xubuntu, LMDE, and Crunchbang. This article discusses the partition layout I use for this setup, actually my partition layout is more or less a generic linux disk layout multiplied by three due to the three OSes.

General Disk Layout

For a general linux disk layout, I use the following partition setup (in the order specified):

Why Encrypt Your Home Directory?

I've had several people ask me why I go to the trouble of encrypting my Home directory (or SWAP/network drives, disks, etc.)? My first response is "Its really not difficult to why not?". After thinking about the question a bit more I decide a more well-rounded answer could be construed.

Fix Broken Bootloader (GRUB)

I have a triple boot setup (Xubuntu, LMDE, and crunchbang) on my primary work laptop and have ran into several occasions when an update (always LMDE) breaks GRUB. This article explains how to fix a broken GRUB on a system with several operating systems, all using separate partitions for root (/), boot, home, etc.

Fixing a Blown Power Supply on a SheevaPlug

Apparently sheevaplug's (especially those produced by globalscale) have a power supply issue (dead sheevaplug, fried sheevaplug, globalscale sucks, replacement sheevaplug power s

How To Edit a Multipage PDF Document

If you've ever needed to edit a PDF document containing one or more pages you've probably found it to be rather daunting unless you have some expensive software. I have found two solutions for editing PDFs with open source software; the first (flpsed) allows quick and easy simple edit functionality, while the second (GIMP) allows you to do most anything with a PDF.

dmenu - the lightweight, efficient app launcher

dmenu is a dynamic menu for X, originally designed for dwm. It manages large numbers of user-defined menu items efficiently. - Simply put, dmenu is an extremely lightweight, text based application launcher. If you are familiar with gnome-do, launchy or the standard run dialog (alt+f2), dmenu provides similar functionality with less of a footprint. For a screenshot of dmenu in action see here.

Scuttle - Enable 'Approve User' Component

I've wrote several articles about Scuttle (Description of Scuttle,Removing Spam Accounts, Howto Blacklist Spam Accounts), this article shows how to impliment a much needed (imho) Approve User component to Scuttle.

Using Boxee To Access Local (pictures, video, music, etc) Media

Boxee has the ability to pull your local media into the Boxee client so you can view Internet and Local media all through Boxee. As you will see from my setup, "local" refers to your files on your Boxee computer or your local network as Boxee can pull content in from network shares as well as the local file system.

Adding Local Media

  • Start Boxee and navigate to the media type (video, audio, picture) you wish to add to Boxee.

NeurosLink InternetTV

Anyone interested in doing away with cable and going with InternetTV should have a look at Neuros. For around $350 you get all you need to go off of cable and onto internet-based TV (note: you may not get everything cable offers but in my case it was more than enough - check out NeurosLink Online TV Lineup for more info).

What is NeurosLink?