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Resizing Existing/Used Partitions in Linux

Resizing partitions is often a necessary task with any computer. The need may arise for a variety of reasons, from adding or moving disks to shrinking less used partitions and growing more frequently used partitions. Luckily, several commonly available tools (gparted and/or partition magic) make this task easy, even with a complicated disk layout.

Multiboot Disk Partition Layout

As stated on other pages (re: Fix Broken Bootloader), my primary computer (laptop) has a multiboot setup; a triple boot using Xubuntu, LMDE, and Crunchbang. This article discusses the partition layout I use for this setup, actually my partition layout is more or less a generic linux disk layout multiplied by three due to the three OSes.

General Disk Layout

For a general linux disk layout, I use the following partition setup (in the order specified):