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Safe Browsing Tips

This article is intended to be a brief, concise, guide for beginner and intermediate web users regarding safe browsing habits and tips. You may also want to check out the Private Web Browsing article as it does go hand-in-hand with safety.

Please note that nothing will make your browsing completely safe and secure. If your computer is connected to the internet and someone wants to get into your computer, given enough knowledge and time they can.

Desktop Apps Replacing Prism With...

I have used Mozilla's Prism (previously Webrunner and now Webrunner again) for years to create an run web pages as a desktop app but, unfortunately, Mozilla has discontinued Prism and handed the code over to an individual for any future development. Needless to say, development is slow if progressing at all and most distros (including Ubuntu) have removed Prism from the repos. This left me with a rather large gap in needed functionality so I did some research.