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SSHFS Mount Permission Problems

When mounting a drive via SSHFS (SSH), I've ran into an issue where the directory will mount; however, the mountpoint will be inaccessible. For example, if the /home/user/tmp/tshare directory is owned by user1 and is of the user1 group, you then mount a remote directory to this directory, I get the following results:

SSH Login Without Password

I have found several guides to setting up a SSH login without a password (re: passwordless login for ssh) but none seemed to combine all aspects I use so I decided to write my own short guide.

First, the credits (see these sites if you need more info):

Problem with SSH Login Without a Password

The Problem

I ran into an issue with SSH login without a password. I had set up the passwordless SSH login for several uses; however, one user refused to work. After setting up SSH Login Without a Password I was still prompted for a password. The first step was to determine why I was still being challenged for a password and to do this I needed to enable DEBUG output for SSH on the server to see what was going on.

Changing the Auto-Logout Timeout in SSH

The ssh "timed out waiting for input: auto-logout" messages is generated by ssh upon reaching a auto-logout after an inactivity time specified by the TMOUT environment variable. If this variable is not set your session will not be auto-logged out due to inactivity. If the environment variable is set, your session will be automatically closed/logged out after the amount of seconds specified by the TMOUT variable.

To see if your auto-logout variable is set and/or see what it is set to issue the following command:
 $ echo $TMOUT