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Multiboot Disk Partition Layout

As stated on other pages (re: Fix Broken Bootloader), my primary computer (laptop) has a multiboot setup; a triple boot using Xubuntu, LMDE, and Crunchbang. This article discusses the partition layout I use for this setup, actually my partition layout is more or less a generic linux disk layout multiplied by three due to the three OSes.

General Disk Layout

For a general linux disk layout, I use the following partition setup (in the order specified):

How To Edit a Multipage PDF Document

If you've ever needed to edit a PDF document containing one or more pages you've probably found it to be rather daunting unless you have some expensive software. I have found two solutions for editing PDFs with open source software; the first (flpsed) allows quick and easy simple edit functionality, while the second (GIMP) allows you to do most anything with a PDF.

SciTE Settings

I used notepad++ on windows platforms for a bare-bones ide and/or advanced text editor. I needed an alternative on linux and quickly found SciTE. Scite is a great text editor, light, lots of options yet not overly done with clutter and useless tools. The stock Scite setup works, however, I've found a few tweaks to its settings makes life easier for me.